10 years in the film industry

Since 2007, Hand Rolling studio based in Moscow is engaged in the SFX design of movies, cartoons and commercials. On the studio portfolio, many fine films from cult Russian directors, as well as a nomination for the TEFI award. During the work on the projects, a unique library of sound effects was recorded and synthesized, which has no analogues.


<h3>Pedestrian Streets of Moscow</h3> Pedestrian Streets of Moscow has just what the title says, featuring 13 locations from the city's downtown areas. You'll hear pedestrians passing by, lots of distinctly Russian walla, distant traffic and church bells, urban wildlife, and much more. The library also has recordings from all seasons - from snowy footsteps to summer birds - and it's offered in stereo and surround. If you need ambiences from a modern city with a rich history, check this one out.
<h3>Pedestrian Streets of Moscow</h3> This stereo sound library was recorded in Moscow’s downtown on 13 locations at different times of the year. 27 samples include the sounds of passers-by, steps and random conversations against the background of distant traffic, birds and other casual sounds. It can be useful for audio post-production when working with movies, trailers, commercials or games in which it is necessary to convey the routine life atmosphere of Russian cities.